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Anonymous: i apologize for not messaging u! i didnt have internet till now i hope uve had a great past few days what have u been up to? i know this isnt abt me but i might be getting kicked out of my house. i hope everything is going well for u(: ~friendlyannon

That’s okay! I’m doing okay. And yes, it is about you too! I hope everything is okay, if you ever need to come off of anon and talk, I’m more than happy to talk to you. I really hope you’re okay, you’re such a sweetie

So i was just trying to sleep but my six year old cousin was being loud, trying to sing ‘turn down for what’ but i realized soon after that he didnt know the words and he keeps saying “turn down from up” and im just dying

Anonymous: hi sweety, how was today? my day was kinda boring, did u find the $10 in ur pocket? \(^-^)/

My day was okay, thanks :) i found $20 in the front of my purse a few minutes ago, and thought of you ! I was like ‘gotta go see if my awesome anon messaged me tpday!’ And here you are!:) you make my days

Anonymous: hi how was your day today?(: i hope u find $10 in ur pocket tomorrow! -from ur friendly annon

It was okay, a bit boring and stuff. Thank you, sweet. I wish i knew who you were!! Haha :)